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Walk In Tubs – Safe and Functional For People with Reduced Mobility

Have you ever thought about bathroom design from the point of view of the buyer? I mean, style is something we could all adhere to. Remodeling a bathroom has basically become a question of choice, in full accordance with our personality, educational background, budget or needs. Tiling, vanities, tubs, faucets, it’s all a matter of taste and style. However, sometimes, style does not compensate one’s ability or inability to properly use all the elements of a bathroom.  I have recently come across this predicament when my grandmother started to have issues with mobility. I would have never thought how difficult it is for someone with reduced mobility to enter or exit the bathroom tub. Such a simple action for everyone else can turn into a difficult and why not risky activity for someone with reduced mobility.

At that point I have learned about walk in tubs. Basically, walk in tubs have the same functionality as standard tubs, with one little extra detail: they feature a sealed door that swings either in or out. Hmm, clever invention. The swinging, yet sealed door provides easy access to and from the tub, without any unnecessary acrobatics. Therefore, I would like to underline three key advantages of walk in tubs:

  • Safe;
  • Liberating;
  • Supports independence.

If you are thinking about installing the walk in tub by yourself, don’t do it, unless you are a professional. These tubs have a number of features, such as: tub seating, adjustable shower heads, handrails or customized bubble jets.

While looking for a high quality walk in tub, I found an interesting offer from American Acrylic. http://www.bathtubsplus.com/american-acrylic-52-x-27-walk-in-tub.html

The American Acrylic 52" x 27" Walk-In Tub features a white/biscuit/bone finish (I chose biscuit, because it matched the bathroom tiles), a walk in door of course and a built-in grab bar and towel rack for increased functionality and support.

Here is a top 3 facts to know about walk in tubs:

  1. Material

Walk in tubs are made from various materials, including: porcelain, steel, fiberglass or acrylic material. If we’re talking about the best ones, those are acrylic walk in tubs. They tend to be more expensive, but they insulate very well and they are more resistant in time. If you want something that is easy to clean, chose porcelain walk in tubs.

  1. Options may include a number of door types, size inner bench seat, with/without faucets, jet options.
  2. Tub door

The door can swing inward or outward. Now, it depends on the necessity. Most clients choose walk in tubs with outward doors, because they allow extra room for the user to accommodate before the door is shut. If the size of the bathroom doesn’t allow a lot of space, an inward door is preferable.

The more options, the more expensive it gets. On the other hand, choosing a walk in tub for someone with reduced mobility should be based on needs and functionality, rather than price. And I really believe my grandmother or any other mother, father, grandparent, friend or relative deserves the best after taking care of families for a lifetime.walk in

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