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Walk-in Bathtub Installation Instructions

Typically, installation of bathtubs is carried out by contractors or plumbers, but if you're interested in installing a walk-in tub yourself, here are some essential tips that you can follow.

  • Make markings on the positions where the tub flanges and the wall studs meet, and extend it so it meets the other wall stud positions where the tub will lean. Measure about one inch under it to make another marking, and extend it along the length of the frame. To install the ledger board, attach a lumber (2x4) piece so it rests evenly with the bottom marking running around it. You can secure it will the help of drywall screws.
  • You will be installing drain lines for your new tub once they are removed from the overflow
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    and the underside of the earlier tub. In most cases, the shoe fittings should match. Install the shoe fitting, and attach the overflow cover as well as tub drain so it stays in place.

  • Lay out the mortar on the subfloor and spread it out evenly. It can have a thickness of about two inches. You can remove any excess mortar that may be visible near the edges once the tub is installed.
  • Install the walk-in tub on the platform by gently lifting it and then placing it down. Make sure that the drain lines from the underside and the shoe fitting are aligned well.
  • Ensure that the walk-in tub is leveled by using wood shims. Then, hammer in wall studs and use nails to secure the tub flange in place by attaching the two.
  • The drain can be fitted by means of a hole in the ceiling below or surrounding walls. Install the bathtub faucets in place. Run the water to see if there are any leaks, and close up any holes that may be present.

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