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Turning a Vanity Set into the Centerpiece of Your Bathroom Renovation

At one point in life, everyone will have to deal with bathroom renovations. It’s a “tough” job, but someone has to do it, right? For some, choosing a bathroom vanity is similar to choosing socks.

Virtu USA Hilary 26 Single Bathroom Vanity Set in Walnut Virtu USA Hilary 26 Single Bathroom Vanity Set in Walnut

“It’s a vanity, they all look the same! Whatever everybody gets, works for me too.” However, things are not as simple as they look, since vanity sets are practically part of our daily lives, no exceptions. A bathroom vanity is the center point of your bathroom. Just think about it: it’s there when you wake up, every time you wash your hands, shave, put on makeup, comb your hair, and brush your teeth ...and so many other activities.

Did you know that the average person goes into the bathroom at least 6 times a day?

Now ... Would you want a regular sink and bathroom cabinets or a functional and stylish bathroom vanity? From my point of view, a bathroom vanity should be as functional and aesthetic as your office desk. It provides excellent storage for all those little items that you find indispensable. Depending on the overall style of your house, a matching bathroom style is required, especially when it comes to vanity sets. Let’s see the most popular types of vanity sets:

  • Classic vanity sets are usually made from massive wood chemically treated to resist to humidity. Make sure the countertop is large enough as to fit various toilet items, but also some decorative items (like perfumed candles, plants). Our Virtu USA Victoria 72 Double Bathroom Vanity Set in Espresso features the highest quality Italian marble countertop for a stylish, timeless bathroom design.
  • Modern vanity sets impress through their modern designs, almost geometric, with straight lines. Made from modern materials, these vanity sets feature a minimalist, monochrome look and they usually create a powerful visual effect. The best example would be our Virtu USA Maybell 56 Double Bathroom Vanity Set in White. If the color of the walls is vibrant, a wonderful contrast could be achieved.
  • Rustic vanity sets include bathroom cabinets made of natural wood and classic sinks, with traditional aspect. Opt for an amber-like sink with époque faucets and your rustic vanity set will render that cozy, homey feeling you were aiming for.

Some aspects to consider before deciding on any of the above styles;

  • The amount of space needed to store your items (cosmetics, drugs, towels, hair care appliances, etc.)
  • Materials used for the manufacturing of the vanity set should be resistant to humidity, heat, steam, stains or scratches. Try to avoid poor quality vanity sets that feature a single layer of protective wood because in no time, this layer will simply come off, and humidity will start damaging the product.
  • Make sure the vanity set is a few centimeters higher than the bathroom floor. You don’t want any water coming from the shower/bathtub to damage the vanity set.
  • Make use of the existing space in the best manner possible, both on the vertical and horizontal, inside and outside. Now many baths impress through royal sizes, so you have to use the space smartly.

Renovating your bathroom could easily turn into the best occasion to highlight your personality. Wouldn’t be a shame to miss that occasion? After all, the bathroom is the one place where even kings go alone J !



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