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Tub Faucet Installation Instructions

Tub faucet installations are different from sink faucet installations, and are slightly more complex. Here's a DYI guide to tub faucet installations:

American Bath Factory F900B Wall Mount Faucet American Bath Factory F900B Wall Mount Faucet


  • Start by installing a 2x6 blocking frame on the enclosure's periphery so it can support the spout stub-outs, shower head and valve. The blocking frame should be such that it offers easy access to adults and kids, preferably at 40 inches.


  • Attach the faucet valves to the frame with screws in the right direction. Then, connect the water inlets to the supply pipes. How you go about this depends on the model, which may come with slip connectors, male-threaded ports or female-threaded ports. You can use plumbing tape on the threads if the pipes are being attached to fittings with threaded markings. Propane torch and lead-free solder are suggested to be used in the case of slip connections.


  • Connect a half-inch pipe onto the blocking frame from the water valve. You can use a brass drop-ear elbow connected by means of screws onto the blocking frame at the end of the pipe. Repeat the same procedure to install the tub spout pipe.


  • Secure a 6-inch nipple on either of the elbows so no debris clog the pipe when you work on the wall. Cover the rest of the wall, leaving open a half-inch gap that circles the valve handles, the spout and shower head stub-out. Attach the temperature limiter, if present. Secure the handle in place as per the manufacturer's instruction manual.


  • Unscrew the elbow nipple on the shower head and secure the shower arm snugly with a wrench. Screw in the shower head by hand. Replace the spout elbow nipple with one of adequate length and tighten using pipe wrench. Screw in the spout by hand to finish.

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