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Toilet Installation Instructions

Toilet installation can a be a simple DIY task allowing you to save money, if you do it right. Here is what you need to do. Flush out the water from the bowl and tank, and use a plunger to remove the remaining water in the drain line. Cut of the tank base supply line. Detach the existing toilet by removing the trim caps that you can find at its base. Then, take off the washers on the bolts that hold the bowl and the floor. Carefully move the toilet using front-and-back motions to lift it off the frame. Cover the open sewer line with a rag so the sewer gases are not released into your home and the hardware does not fall in.


You can use putty knife or pry to open the wax seal; check the underside of the seal to make toiletsure the flange is not damaged. Remove the rag and the flange closet bolts, and install the new seal and closet bolts on the flange. You can now install your new toilet.


Assemble the bowl and the tank of the new toilet in place. You will find holes at the tank base through which the tank bolts can be attached. Once the bowl holed openings and the bolts are aligned, you can put the tank into its position. Attach the tank and the bowl in place by tightly securing the nuts into the tank bolts.


Move the assembled new toilet into the flange section such that the openings on the base of the toilet are in line with the bolts that are jutting out of the flooring. Once the toilet is in place, impose a small amount of pressure so it is sealed with the wax. Secure a few bolts with nuts and washers, and do tighten the nuts just enough. Bolts that protrude over the nuts and washers can be trimmed off. Cover the bolt ends with trim caps, and install a new seat and toilet lid using mounting bolts. Connect back the supply line and the tank base using pliers.

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