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Steam Showers Shopping Guide

Guide to Shopping for Steam Showers

A steam shower is a compact enclosed room holding a steam shower generator fitted with a vapor-tight doorway. The water is heated by the steam generator, and the vapor is then circulated in the closed steam shower room. The steam shower is built such that its ceiling, floors and walls are impregnable by the vapor. Steam showers have a bench or seat that allows users to relax as they bathe in steam. They also have shower heads and water controls to function as conventional showers. Steam showers cannot be installed in all bathrooms. Since a large amount of hot vapor and moisture are circulated in the shower and bathroom, it should be capable of handling the same. Else it may result in moisture damage and mold formation in the bathroom.

Ariel Bath Sliding Door 87" x 56" x 56" Steam Sauna Shower with Bath Tub Ariel Bath Sliding Door 87" x 56" x 56" Steam Sauna Shower with Bath Tub

Modular units

A modular shower unit can be installed easily and quickly. These units are pre-fabricated to specific sizes with steam dispensers, showerheads, seats, integral doors and other features. Generally the prices of these units swing anywhere between $3000 and $5000. Some modular units come with a whirpool installed at their base. These units are usually made from acrylic, a low-maintenance water-proof enclosure which prevents vapor from flowing out into the bathroom and cause damage to the paint, wallpaper and walls.

Basic modular units are fabricated such that they can fit into the space reserved for a bathtub conventionally. This allows homeowners to easily replace their current bathtubs with the modular steam shower without requiring any full-fledged reconstruction. They are configured in a way that the plumbing can be easily hooked.


Custom units

Custom showers unlike modular units can be tailored to your needs and specifications. These are usually brought in at the time of bathroom remodeling or construction. These steam showers typically have tiled units on the floor, ceiling and walls, and a door that seals fully, along with a seat. The cost of custom steam shower units are higher than modular units, and understandably so. Features like rain showers and mood lighting can be added, based on the requirement of the user.

Luxury shower suites

Luxury shower suites come with a plethora of features. They are configured to fit anywhere between two and ten people. Some features that are offered with these shower suites include iPod docks, CD players, waterproof radios, aromatherapy, mood lighting, rain showers, hands-free phones, aqua-pressure massagers, body sprays, water jets and waterfalls. Their prices start at about $20,000 and can go up to $30,000.


Choosing a shower generator

The shower generator is responsible for the production of the vapor, and its size affects the amount of steam produced in the shower enclosure. A few generators work in a way that they reduce the steam production output after reaching a certain pre-set temperature, so moist and hot air flow steadily in the enclosure as opposed to short steam bursts. You should opt for generators that produce steam quickly and evenly, while they run noiselessly and efficiently. Generators are offered in 240 and 120 volt capacities; take the capacity, requirements and voltage feed of the steam room into consideration while choosing a generator. The price of generators can be about $500- $2500, varying based on features and size.

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