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Sink Faucet Installation Instructions

Installing a faucet can be easy if there is no existing sink, otherwise it will require you to work under the sink, making it difficult to access it. Here's how you can go about installing the sink faucet:

  • Have ready pre-assemblies that may be required for the new faucet as per the
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    manufacturer's instructions. A good practice is to prop the countertop upside-down so it is easier to work with. Start by cleaning the countertop surface that will hold the faucet. Install the rubber gaskets into the faucet unit, and push the tailpiece into the counter or sink through the mounting hole. Secure the tailpiece with a mounting nut and washer, and then secure the other valve assembles in place as well.

  • Attach the water-supply line to the tailpiece. These days, flexible hoses are commonly used with faucets as they are pliable. Use a wrench to secure the nuts in a clockwise direction.
  • Connect the water spout and the valve. Say, you're using split-set faucets, then you can use pipe-wrap tape to cover the connecting piece and the valves threaded corners. First tighten them by hand and then secure them tightly with the help of a wrench.
  • The next step is the installation of the drain pop-up assembly. You will have to remove the drain tail-piece that you are currently using and install a new one in place to make sure the pop-up assembly functions smoothly. You will have to carefully position the spring clip at the pivot rod's end, which then connects to the lift rod. Push in the lift rod so it sits in the spout and then connect it to the pivot rod with the help of the spring clip and the extension rod. Be sure to check that the drain stopper opens/closes adequately and make adjustments if needed.
  • You can now place the faucet and countertop on the cabinet. Connect the water-supply tubes in the faucet to the wall's shutoff valves. Secure the compression nuts in place using a wrench.

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