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Pedestal Sink Installation Instructions

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While pedestal sinks appear as if they are placed on a free-standing structure, they are predominantly suspended from a supporting bracket that is attached to a wall frame, while the pedestal itself only offers additional support.

  • Read through the manufacturer's manual so you can locate the sink brace. Make a hole in the wall that is the same length as the distance between the studs, and cut out a 2x8 piece so it can go between the studs. Use angle-driven screws and connect the brace. Patch up the hole and finish with paint.


  • The next step is to decide where the mounting bracket goes. To do this, you will have to assemble the pedestal and the sink atop and estimate the bracket position by holding it against the wall frame. Drill in screws through the 2x8 piece to attach the bracket. Make sure it is not lopsided when you attach it.


  • You can now install the tap and faucet of the pedestal sink. Attach the mounting bracket and the sink, and see if you can fit in the pedestal from underneath. You may have to make adjustments in the mounting bracket position to get the whole assembly to snugly fit in place.


  • Connect the water supply lines and the traps. Run the water and see if there are any leaks. Slide in the pedestal and carefully lift the top of the sink, if needed. Make sure you check for leaks after the pedestal is installed.


  • The pedestal may come with openings at the base to secure it firmly in place on the floor with bolts and screws. Make sure you do not tighten the screws much or it may cause the pedestal to crack. In sink designs that incorporate screws, drill in pilot holes and secure snugly with screws.

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