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Memorable Bubble Baths: Royal Relaxation with Clawfoot Tubs

You’ve just had the most hectic week of your life: pressuring deadlines, tons of bills to pay, not enough time to spend with your partner.

Kingston Brass VCT7D653129B1 Vintage Cast Iron Bathtub With Chrome Legs, White Kingston Brass VCT7D653129B1 Vintage Cast Iron Bathtub With Chrome Legs, White

While some choose to go out for a drink or they work out the stress at the gym, I bet most of you would be more than happy to just enjoy a long, relaxing bubble bath.

For those who really appreciate the benefits of a refreshing bubble bath “spiced” with some lavender or vanilla aromatic oils, the tub choice is very important. I personally prefer tubs with personality; instead of the plain molded fiberglass tubs you see everywhere. Why? It’s simple. When it comes to my relaxation, I prefer the best, and clawfoot tubs are my favorite type of tubs.

Clawfoot tubs are reminiscence of the Victorian Era, with their feet shaped like lion’s paws with drawn claws or like eagle’s talons clutching a ball. However, it’s not just the design that makes clawfoot tubs like our Cambridge Plumbing 61.75" x 31" Claw Foot Slipper Tub so popular amongst clients. The angled back and high sides with a rounded rim for proper arms support are a delight on a Wednesday night, trust me. Plus, if you consider that clawfoot tubs are a bit higher than modern ones, you will be pleased to see that there is enough water to immerse above the shoulders, which is a treat compared to modern tubs (they barely cover my belly button! J) .

Don’t get me wrong…at the end of the day, any kind of tub would work, regardless if it’s a soaking tub, a slipper tub, a walk in tub, a pedestal tub or a whirlpool tub. As long as you feel like a queen/king, anything goes.

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