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Maximizing Bathroom Space without Compromising Your Pleasure: Corner Tubs

Do you want to take advantage of the size and functionalities of your tub without compromising on the space? I know, this is one of the most common problems when dealing with the choice of a new tub.

Should I buy the tub that fits my bathroom but doesn’t provide me maximum comfort? Or...should I buy a huge, full of options tub that leaves me practically no space to wash my teeth? Hmm. I am sure most of you would rather make the logical choice – something small that provides basic comfort and functionality.

What I would tell you that there is a solution to this problem? You can have both comfort and luxury-like bubble baths without compromising your bathroom space! I have two words for you: CORNER TUBS.

corner tub

In the past few years, corner tubs have become very popular, simply because they can help you make the most of your bathroom area whilst still allowing you to nicely stretch your legs covered with bubbles at the end of the day.

  • Corner tubs can add a touch of luxury to the dullest bathroom. Sleek design with less money; that definitely works for me. Doesn’t it work for you as well?
  • Affordability compared to a whirlpool tub. Of course, there are top of the range corner tubs, but if you do your homework or chase the discounts, you would be amazed of the options you could get for a fraction of the initial price.
  • Easy maintenance: the corner tub is easier to clean due to its particular shape and increased range of motion.
  • Corner tubs can feature whirlpool jets and heating elements. If you want a Spa like retreat every day, without spending a fortune, make sure you opt for some extra features. It will surely cost cheaper than a spa session at the local salon.

Why don’t you invest in a masterpiece?


The Neptune Orphee Corner Aciv-Air Tub - 53-3/4" L x 53-3/4" W x 20-1/4" H - OR54A is what I call “The King of Corner tubs”!

Just like men would be impressed by a brand new TV set, I remain in awe when I see a good corner tub:

  • Corner installation
  • Center drain
  • 2 Person tub
  • 44 Micro Jets
  • Optima blower 750W ( 1 1/2 h.p.) with 300W heating element
  • Backlit electronic control

Give me a red glass of wine and this corner tub and I will be forever grateful!

Ready to spoil yourself? Corner tubs are not just versatile; they provide space economy, but they can also feature that WOW factor.

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