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Major Types Of Bathroom Vanities

There is a wide variety of bathroom vanities in the market and an equal number of manufacturers that produce them. The prices range from as little as a few hundred to thousands of dollars. There are however only two major types of vanities: 'vessle sink' and 'cabinet style'.

 The vessel sink vanity:

The latest vanity on the market is the vessel sink vanity. It has a unique design and serves a variety of purposes. It s a combination of a sink located on a countertop. Conversely, it is attached to the vanity base. Moreover, there is additional fastening to the wall to ensure stability when in use.  The waste drain system is not the usual standard and can be used during remodeling or when building a new structure. The sink is comparable to the standard ones in the market and serves its purpose as a water catchment basin. However, designs vary from basic to artistic objects of delight. There is no restriction imposed on

Cambridge Plumbing 58" Double Vanity Set Cambridge Plumbing 58" Double Vanity Set

this vessel in terms of design and it all depends on what you are willing to spend. In terms of plumbing, they can be exposed or concealed according to the preferences of the customer. The price of this item is determined by the material and design used in its production.

The cabinet style vanity:

The cabinet style vanity is the most versatile of all vanities available for the bathroom. It is utilized with the different types of sinks available for use in the bathroom including under-mounted sinks and drop-in sinks. You can opt for a single or double bowl transforming I into an expensive piece of furniture in the bathroom. The counter top consists of a surface that is solid to the touch with concealed supply and waste lines. The design of vanities is normally customized to suit the needs and wants of the user.

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