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Jetted Bathtubs Installation Instructions

Correct installation of whirpool or jetted tubs helps prolong the duration of its usage. While the installation of these tubs is similar to traditional tubs, there are a few other considerations that you need to keep in mind. Here's a DIY guide to install jetted tubs.

  • Jetted tubs can either have their flanges attached to the walls, or they may be placed on a
    American Acrylic 60" x 60" Deep Corner Air Tub American Acrylic 60" x 60" Deep Corner Air Tub

    custom frame. For the former, the frame is usually designed such that it has space enough to hold the tub base, along with the bathtub face. For the latter, the tub platform dimensional specifications depend on the user, and can be framed using the general rules.

  • An electrical supply outlet is to be accommodated in the frame of the jetted tub to power its motor. It is recommended that you install the outlet on the top part of the frame such that it does not block the tub or the motor, while also keeping it away from potential water leaks. A GFCI outlet is to be installed as part of the electrical circuit, and connected to the in-house power circuit. If it seems confusing or tedious, you can contact an electrician to do the job.
  • You can choose from materials like natural stone, ceramic or tiles to cover the jetted bathtub frame. The bathtub shows better support when installed after the application of the finishing material.
  • Whirlpool tubs are usually placed on a mortar bedding to give it additional support on the base. Some even use foam pads for the same purpose. Either way a plastic sheeting will have to be installed between the tub base and the foam or the mortar, so it can be easily removed, if required. Make sure that the tub is filled with water for a 3-day period when the foam/mortar cures.

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