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What to Expect When Shopping for High-end Tubs

Sometimes bathtubs become more than just a bathing accessory; given the range of shapes, sizes, styles, materials and features that they come in today, homeowners are not hesitant to splurge some more to bring their bathing rituals a luxurious look and feel. Read on if you are planning to buy a high-end tub to add that extra panache to your bathroom.

What material should you choose for your high-end tub?

Enameled cast iron is a good choice of material if you're looking for high-end bathtubs. It has one of the highest prices in the market, but also offers an impressive durability, which can make it last for decades together, provided it is maintained well. Enameled cast iron, which is referred to as porcelain, is not susceptible to scratching or chipping. The strong composite is what gives it its heavy weight. Home owners usually pick cast iron tubs for bathrooms with an old world charm. The only concern with these tubs is they ask of engineer specs during installation due to their heavy weight.

Another high-end bathtub material that's used is acrylic. These bathtubs can be cleaned with the help of non-abrasive mild cleaners. Soft cloth is generally used to wipe off water lines. In case scratches develop on the surface, it can erased with the help of light sanding. Acrylics are usually less expensive when compared to cast iron tubs.

Natural stone and solid surfacing are other high-end material choices for bathtubs. Granite and marble stone tubs are chiseled with finesse and polished to resemble regal bathtubs. Composites like onyx, glass, brass, carbon fiver, wood and copper, make tubs a lavish bathing element. These bathtubs can easily cost nearly tens of thousands of dollars.

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High-end bathtub ideas

  • People looking for high-end tubs usually choose freestanding bathtubs that can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, whether at the center or at a nook by the window. They are typically built using expensive materials like granite or marble that have decorative embellishments. There are various skirted, decked and footed options for the deck installations with these bathtubs.
  • Clawfoot tubs are another popular pick among high-end bathtubs, that can take you back in time. These tubs come with their signature ornate feet, which gives them a lavish and classic appeal.
  • Extravagant bathtubs created with exquisite mosaic patterns, using materials like glass, can add a lavish touch to the bathroom. These patterns are rendered in various abstract shapes and colors, that make them the highlight of the bathroom. Their stating prices are about $30,000.
  • If you like your gadgets and a nice soak in the bathtub alike, high-tech bathtubs may be right up your alley! These high-end tubs come with an array of features ranging from iPod docks to flat screen TVs, underwater mood-lighting, massage jets, and more. Low-end models have their prices at about $5000, and their prices can climb up to nearly $40,000.

The jacuzzi tub offers everything you can look for in a luxurious relaxing soak. They come with additional features like underwater LEDs that change colors, digital temperature controls, jet flow and direction control, underwater footrest jets, and in-line heaters, to name a fe

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