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Drop-in Bathtub Installation Instructions

American Standard Evolution 60" x 32" Deep Air Tub American Standard Evolution 60" x 32" Deep Air Tub


Drop-in bathtubs are the most commonly chosen bathtubs for residential spaces. The installation of these bathtubs requires additional work other than just connecting the plumbing assembly as the tub is set in a frame with mortar, such that it is leveled and can adequately support the weight. It is also important to check the building codes in case you will be making bathroom modifications. For instance you will need to obtain a permit if you will be building a platform for the bathtub.


  • Bathtub frame: Build or re-modify an existing frame to the bathtub’s dimensions; it will act as a support around the tub edges, while covering pipes and other plumbing fixtures. The frame dimensions will be the same as the bathtub till the flanges, where it will sit over the frame. Make sure you attach the wall studs to the frame.
  • Plumbing assembly: Go on to make markings for the plumbing fixtures as and where required. Remove the tub and drill holes on the markings. It is recommended that you drill holes from the bathtub’s finished frame side so it results in smooth holes. Install the fixtures and make sure that the drain is adequately secured, and does not have any leakage issues.
  • Drop-in tub base: You will need casting plaster or cement to keep the bathtub installed in place. The framing alone will not be able to support the entire weight, and may require a mortar base, cement mortar or drywall mud. Place a sheeting of plastic on the subfloor, on either side of the mortar and the underside of the tub, so the bathtub material and mortar do not bond. Set the drop-in bathtub in the mortar and let it cure for about three days, before you drain the tub. You can also lock wood screws attaching the flanges to the walls once the tub is plumbed, while the concrete hardens.

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