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Deck Mounted Tub Faucet Installation Instructions

Wall-mounted tub bathtub faucets take just a couple of hours for installation. The only problem with these installations is that you may have trouble accessing the faucet's backend portion, for which you may need additional assistance.

  • First remove the current wall-mount faucet by accessing the back portion of the fixtures.
    American Bath Factory F300A Deck Mount Faucet American Bath Factory F300A Deck Mount Faucet

    You simply have to loosen it from the tub and wall fixtures by gaining access to the access panel. If you do not find a panel, try to make a hole in the wall to access the wall studs with a pencil, miter and stud finder.


  • Then, cut off the water supply to either just the bathtub or the mains. The next bit is where you will need an assistant. While one of you removes the faucet from the spout-side on the tub, the other can work on the wall-side of the faucet to loosen washers, bolts and nuts with the help of pliers or wrenches. It is likely that some water may spill out when the faucet is dislodged from the wall, make sure you have a towel at hand to clean it. Now you can go about installing the new faucet.


  • In case there was no wall-mounted faucet for the bathtub previously, you will have other considerations to address. It is a good idea to hire a plumber to facilitate the water supply connections to support the wall-mounted faucets. You will also have to drill openings in the wall to accommodate the water spout.


  • You will notice a rubber stem washer at the faucet's bottom; lubricate it. Then, slide the faucet valve into the faucet, followed by a retaining/ bonnet but for each faucet. Secure the faucet nut with pliers. Find the threaded spindle on the faucet and insert the retaining screw of the handle till you reach its center. Use a head screwdriver to tighten it.

Find the index cap of the handle and press it over the retaining screw. Use silicon caulking in the region where the wall and the faucet

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