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Clawfoot Bathtub Installation Instructions

Clawfoot tubs have a vintage feel that makes them well-suited with Victorian-era themed bathrooms. Clawfoot tubs differ from traditional bathtubs in many ways; they are standalone bathtubs that are not installed in an alcove or covered with tiles, while their drain assembly is installed in the flooring.


  • It is essential to give some consideration to your flooring before you choose the material
    Cambridge Plumbing 53.5" x 29.5" Claw Foot Slipper Tub Cambridge Plumbing 53.5" x 29.5" Claw Foot Slipper Tub

    composition of your clawfoot tub. Cast iron tubs weight 200-400 pounds without water while acrylic tubs are much lighter. Natural stones and tiles can stand upto the weight of a clawfoot tub, while linoleum, carpets and vinyl may cause the tub to sink in. As far as hardwood flooring is concerned, it isn’t preferred despite its ability to support the weight, as it may develop wood rots if it comes in contact with water.


  • You will need additional people to help you with the placement of the bathtub. Clawfoot tubs, unlike standard bathtubs, weight heavy, due to which their installation requires more than one person, preferably about three people.


  • The plumbing requirements for clawfoot tubs differ based on the placement position and the size. Clawfoot tubs are different from the modern-day tubs when it comes to their plumbing in a way that they don’ have any faucets in their frame, but only drains. You can choose to either install drain pipes that run along the flooring to the tub or install the bathtub close to the current drain system. Typically, the faucets are installed separately as free-standing systems on the tub’s corners. You can either install the pipes so they are visible or such that they are hidden behind the bathtub.


  • The leveling on the floor is a key factor to consider the optimal functionality of the tub drains. A noticeable elevation in the flooring could prevent the water from draining completely. Rubber shims can be installed on the underside of the clawfeet to address the problem.

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