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Freestanding Tubs

  • Maximizing Bathroom Space without Compromising Your Pleasure: Corner Tubs

    Do you want to take advantage of the size and functionalities of your tub without compromising on the space? I know, this is one of the most common problems when dealing with the choice of a new tub.

    Should I buy the tub that fits my bathroom but doesn’t provide me maximum comfort? Or...should I buy a huge, full of options tub that leaves me practically no space to wash my teeth? Hmm. I am sure most of you would rather make the logical choice – something small that provides basic comfort and functionality.

    What I would tell you that there is a solution to this problem? You can have both comfort and luxury-like bubble baths without compromising your bathroom space! I have two words for you: CORNER TUBS.

    corner tub

    In the past few years, corner tubs have become very popular, simply because they can help you make the most of your bathroom area whilst still allowing you to nicely stretch your legs covered with bubbles at the end of the day.

    • Corner tubs can add a touch of luxury to the dullest bathroom. Sleek design with less money; that definitely works for me. Doesn’t it work for you as well?
    • Affordability compared to a whirlpool tub. Of course, there are top of the range corner tubs, but if you do your homework or chase the discounts, you would be amazed of the options you could get for a fraction of the initial price.
    • Easy maintenance: the corner tub is easier to clean due to its particular shape and increased range of motion.
    • Corner tubs can feature whirlpool jets and heating elements. If you want a Spa like retreat every day, without spending a fortune, make sure you opt for some extra features. It will surely cost cheaper than a spa session at the local salon.

    Why don’t you invest in a masterpiece?


    The Neptune Orphee Corner Aciv-Air Tub - 53-3/4" L x 53-3/4" W x 20-1/4" H - OR54A is what I call “The King of Corner tubs”!

    Just like men would be impressed by a brand new TV set, I remain in awe when I see a good corner tub:

    • Corner installation
    • Center drain
    • 2 Person tub
    • 44 Micro Jets
    • Optima blower 750W ( 1 1/2 h.p.) with 300W heating element
    • Backlit electronic control

    Give me a red glass of wine and this corner tub and I will be forever grateful!

    Ready to spoil yourself? Corner tubs are not just versatile; they provide space economy, but they can also feature that WOW factor.

  • Walk In Tubs – Safe and Functional For People with Reduced Mobility

    Have you ever thought about bathroom design from the point of view of the buyer? I mean, style is something we could all adhere to. Remodeling a bathroom has basically become a question of choice, in full accordance with our personality, educational background, budget or needs. Tiling, vanities, tubs, faucets, it’s all a matter of taste and style. However, sometimes, style does not compensate one’s ability or inability to properly use all the elements of a bathroom.  I have recently come across this predicament when my grandmother started to have issues with mobility. I would have never thought how difficult it is for someone with reduced mobility to enter or exit the bathroom tub. Such a simple action for everyone else can turn into a difficult and why not risky activity for someone with reduced mobility.

    At that point I have learned about walk in tubs. Basically, walk in tubs have the same functionality as standard tubs, with one little extra detail: they feature a sealed door that swings either in or out. Hmm, clever invention. The swinging, yet sealed door provides easy access to and from the tub, without any unnecessary acrobatics. Therefore, I would like to underline three key advantages of walk in tubs:

    • Safe;
    • Liberating;
    • Supports independence.

    If you are thinking about installing the walk in tub by yourself, don’t do it, unless you are a professional. These tubs have a number of features, such as: tub seating, adjustable shower heads, handrails or customized bubble jets.

    While looking for a high quality walk in tub, I found an interesting offer from American Acrylic. http://www.bathtubsplus.com/american-acrylic-52-x-27-walk-in-tub.html

    The American Acrylic 52" x 27" Walk-In Tub features a white/biscuit/bone finish (I chose biscuit, because it matched the bathroom tiles), a walk in door of course and a built-in grab bar and towel rack for increased functionality and support.

    Here is a top 3 facts to know about walk in tubs:

    1. Material

    Walk in tubs are made from various materials, including: porcelain, steel, fiberglass or acrylic material. If we’re talking about the best ones, those are acrylic walk in tubs. They tend to be more expensive, but they insulate very well and they are more resistant in time. If you want something that is easy to clean, chose porcelain walk in tubs.

    1. Options may include a number of door types, size inner bench seat, with/without faucets, jet options.
    2. Tub door

    The door can swing inward or outward. Now, it depends on the necessity. Most clients choose walk in tubs with outward doors, because they allow extra room for the user to accommodate before the door is shut. If the size of the bathroom doesn’t allow a lot of space, an inward door is preferable.

    The more options, the more expensive it gets. On the other hand, choosing a walk in tub for someone with reduced mobility should be based on needs and functionality, rather than price. And I really believe my grandmother or any other mother, father, grandparent, friend or relative deserves the best after taking care of families for a lifetime.walk in

  • Decorate a Matchbox Sized Bathroom with Quality Single Bathroom Vanity

    I just love my new Manhattan apartment. A one bedroom cozy nest, perfect for a single woman, with an exquisite view over the neighborhood. Oh, I just feel like Carrie, from Sex and The City.

    Remodeling the apartment was an easy task, along with finding some bohemian pastel furniture and a few home accessories just enough cute to call it HOME. However, the bathroom was a mess. I think it was practically unchanged since...the 50’s. Since the bathroom was the size of a matchbox, the logical choice was a single vanity, something to underline my personality, yet not to intimidate a prospect partner ;)

    single 1

    Since the single vanity will become the central element of my bathroom, I decided to take my time in choosing something unique and stylish for my bathroom. I was mainly interested in three things:

    • Overall design

    I’m not much into rustic themes, especially since I live in the Big Apple. I think that a single bathroom vanity featuring a combination of modern and classic, not too abstract though (because I am a practical person) is perfect for people who want to redecorate an apartment bathroom. A classic design is an inspired choice for a long term, especially if at one point you intend to move. Not many buyers would be interested in a kitsch or weirdly abstract bathroom.

    • Cabinet fabric

    Cabinet fabrics range from basic MDF, birch or pine. However, if you have expensive tastes, you can find single vanities with oak, maple or Asian hardwood cabinets. Well, if I had such a budget, I wouldn’t live in a small apartment, wouldn’t I?

    • Color and finish

    Single vanities come in a number of colors and finishes: wood, glass or metal. I don’t like to see water splashes all over the vanity set, so I usually go with wood, but it must have quality finishes, resistant to water. When it comes to color, the most common are white, black or espresso. I like warm colors, and I love coffee, so here there is only one logical choice: ESPRESSO!

    • Size

    Even though my bathroom is not big enough to accommodate a double vanity set, I can always choose one ranging from 12-in to 24-in. Those are the most common sizes for small vanity sets. Depth is also important, and it can vary from 17-in to 24-in.

    Personally, I’ve come across this little beauty that fits perfectly my new apartment: The Virtu USA Brentford 36 Single Bathroom Vanity set in espresso.


    I went for the artificial white stone countertop and, of course, the espresso cabinet finish. I was pondering between common single vanities with a MDF cabinet, but I finally decided that solid oak would be a wiser investment on a long term. Enough space for my stuff with 2 doweled drawers, and I am all set up for life in the Big City!

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