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Bathroom Sink Installation Instructions

When it comes to installing bathroom sinks, the procedure is almost the same for vessel sink, vanity sink, under-mount sink and basin sink designs. It only changes with pedestal sink installations. Here's a look at how the former sink types are installed:

  • Metal sinks are typically installed with the help of screw clips. To detach your old sink, sinksimply loosen and unhook them, and lift out the sink from its frame. Then, close the bathroom sink water supply by either manipulating the sink valves or the main water supply valves. You will notice that there is a slip nut located on a U-shaped fixture on the drain pipe (pea-trap). Undo it and have a handy bucket close-by to collect any excess water that flows out.
  • Sink and faucet designs differ based on the manufacturer. Generally, bathroom sinks are fabricated with three holes to accommodate a standard faucet. Even otherwise, faucets have accompanying adapter plates that can pair them with various sink designs and specifications. It is crucial to see that the faucet and the sink match. Attach the adapter plate to the faucet holes using plumber's putty, and top the adapter plate with a deck plate. Then, slide in the faucet through the hole and secure the faucet in place with a washer and nut.
  • To assemble the drain, apply some plumber's putty onto the lower surface of the threaded bowl flange and secure it into the drainage hole. Then, screw in the flange pipe to the bowl flange from the sink bottom, and lock it in position with a nut. Screw in the drain tail-piece to the flange and put together the stopper unit.
  • The sink design will govern how its installation has to be carried out; it's best to follow instructions as specified by the manufacturer. For instance, with vanity sinks, you'll have to caulk the top so it attaches onto the sink, attach the pea-trap, secure the nut and connect flex-hoses between the valves and the sink.

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